Youth Hiking Boot Loan Program

The Tuleyome Boot Bank is a youth hiking boot lending program that provides high-quality hiking boots to local youth at no cost for the duration of their physical growth up to age 18. The Boot Bank, operated out of an antique milk truck by Davis Boy Scout Troop 111, will become available to the community at scheduled community locations. The Boot Bank was developed in response to the practical challenge faced by families in purchasing high quality, well-fitting hiking boots for youths with ever-increasing shoe sizes.  It’s simply not economical for most families to purchase such boots that may be worn only a few times before they are outgrown. This circumstance detracts from youth interest and pleasure in hiking.

Goals of the Boot Bank

  • Encourage youths and their families to experience the pleasure of hiking and to appreciate and value outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Through positive hiking experiences, encourage youths and their families to support preservation and conservation efforts required to ensure outdoor recreational opportunities in the future.

Our Boots

The hiking boots offered by the Boot Bank are new and gently used high quality boots provided through donations by individuals and corporations (boot manufacturers and retailers).  Manufacturers include Merrill, Keen, Vasque, Montrail, The North Face, REI and others.


The Boot Bank is operated out of antique milk truck, described below, by Davis Boy Scout Troop 111.

Calendar: the Boot Bank is scheduled to make it’s first appearance at the Davis Farmer’s Market on Saturday, January 14, 2017!   The farmer’s market is located at  3rd St & C St, Davis, CA 95616.  For more information, contact Steve Drown at sdrown@tuleyome.org.

After its launch, the Boot Bank will operate at scheduled times in the community. Details of where and when the Boot Bank will make its scheduled appearances will be added at a later date.

User Agreement: boot users sign an agreement in which they agree to use the boots only for hiking, outdoor adventures and inclement weather, not for everyday use (the purpose of boot program is to encourage participation in outdoor recreational opportunities, not to meet basic shoe needs).  Users agree to return the boots in good condition except for reasonable wear and tear. A link to the agreement will be added at a later date.

Antique Milk Truck

The Boot Bank operates out of a 1967 Divco step van formerly owned and operated by Marshall Rice in support of his dairy service to the Davis community for 34 years, from 1970 to 2004.  The milk truck was acquired by Alan Brattesani after Marshall’s passing in November 2014.  Alan generously donated the truck to Tuleyome, along with funding for operational costs, in support of the Boot Bank.