Support Your National Monuments!

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Donald Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke are trying to roll back protections for over 27 national monuments across America, including 8 in California, and we need your help to fight back.

Now is the time to show the world that Californians want our lands and waterways to remain protected. With your help, we can demonstrate the overwhelming public support for our public lands.

  • The Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is truly one of the great treasures of California (and the country).
  • All of California's national monuments are important and should be remain permanently protected.
  • National monuments bring enormous benefits to California by protecting special landscapes, nurturing education, protecting clean water, providing recreational activities, and supporting local economies through outdoor recreation and ecotourism.

An attack on one of our national monuments by rolling back protections constitutes an attack on ALL of our national monuments. Help us inform Donald Trump that we demand the permanent protection of our national monuments and all of the historical, cultural and natural treasures they hold.

Just fill out the on-line postcard of support form (to the right) TODAY.  Become a CERE Guardian with Tuleyome and pledge to Conserve, Enhance, Restore and Enjoy our public lands.

Thank you for your action and support on this monumentally important issue!

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On-line Postcard of Support

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  • Add your comments about why you want your national monuments permanently protected (and share a personal experience about how your favorite national monument has affected you.)
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  • CLICK HERE for a sample letter of support that you can mail to national and California state officials.
  • Everything starts at the grassroots level -- and that YOU!  CLICK HERE to donate to support Tuleyome's efforts to protect the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

Words of Wisdom from Congressman John Garamendi:

“The Berryessa Snow Mountain is a national treasure,” Congressman John Garamendi said. “Its unique biodiversity coupled with its rich Native American cultural heritage make it an ideal National Monument. The broad coalition of activists and lawmakers who worked to make this designation possible ensured that the Berryessa Snow Mountain would be protected without hindering pre-existing water rights or imposing new regulations on hunting, fishing, and motorized recreation.

“The Berryessa National Monument also provides a vital stimulus to the local small business economy. Many local businesses in the Berryessa area depend heavily on tourism, and this National Monument designation brings in visitors who support and expand local businesses. But most importantly, the National Monument designation protects the Berryessa Snow Mountain from falling victim to destructive resource exploitation and preserves the pristine and unblemished land for all to enjoy. If the Trump administration wants to strip the Berryessa Snow Mountain of its National Monument status, then they can expect a fight.”

Become a CERE Guardian with Tuleyome and fight with us to Conserve, Enhance, Restore and Enjoy our public lands.