Silver Spur Wildflowers Virtual Tour

Tuleyome’s Enjoying Outside, Inside campaign continues with a virtual wildflower tour!

Join Tuleyome Board member, Dr Glen Holstein, and California Naturalist, Nate Lillge, on a virtual wildflower tour of Tuleyome’s Silver Spur Ranch, in the heart of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. Nate and Bill Grabert, another Tuleyome employee,  recently visited the property to service the game cameras located on the property and they took the opportunity to take some pictures of the flowers. These pictures have been put together to showcase the beauty of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in general and Silver Spur Ranch in particular.

The flowers will be presented in as a slideshow with Dr Holstein providing information about each flower. Participants will stay safe at home and need only internet access. To join the meeting, participants need to sign up on this page and download Zoom. (There is no need to create an account.) After registering, participants will be sent an email with the meeting ID and password. During the tour, you will be able to ask questions via Zoom’s chat feature. If you have any questions, please contact Nate at

Starts 9:00 AM
Location Your Own Home!
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