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Nature & You Lecture: “Local Yarns” with the Yolo Wool Mill

Find out how local wool is processed and what the Yolo Wool Mill has in store for the public these days.

The Yolo Wool Mill is an outgrowth of the Wool Scouring Co-op and The New Franklin Society, and operates scouring, carding and spinning equipment on a small scale. The company provides growers with a needed resource to process wool on an individual basis.

Founder Jane Deamer often starts a tour with, “Well, this whole thing got started when I moved to the country and somebody gave me some sheep. [The sheep] just happened to be a wool breed, so I got interested in what you do with wool.” Her first flock was a breed called Colombia, which can have a fine micron count since they have Rambouillet in their genes.

From there Jane and her friend Mary Major got involved with the New Franklin Society in Davis, CA, which was a group concerned about similar issues of today: protecting the environment, getting ‘back to the land’, and producing local products. Through the help of this group the Wool Scouring Co-Op was first established in Winters, CA in 1981. The co-op’s members were in charge of washing their own wool while the rest of the processing was done by other members who owned machinery.

Eventually Jane acquired her own machinery piece by piece. Some came from the east coast, and some from a wool testing laboratory in Alameda, CA that was shutting down. Not long after that the Wool Scouring Co-Op moved from Winters to her farm in Woodland where it is still located today.

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Starts 6:30 pm
Ends 8:00 pm
Location Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library - 315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA 95616
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