Nature & You Lecture: “Environmental Art” with Ann Savageau

Ann Savageau is an environmental artist who creates mixed-media sculpture and installations. Her work deals with the natural world, human culture, and their intersection. Her current interests include global warming and environmental destruction; consumer culture and wasteful consumption; and artistic transformations of waste. Ann’s Stanford anthropological training, her interest in the natural world, and the many places she has lived are reflected in her art.

The image shown is part pf her “At the Crossroads” exhibition about the toll caused by environmental destruction and global warming, and the resultant decimation of many plant and animal populations.

In her lecture, Ann will discuss a selection of her environmental work, including Instinct Extinct: the Great Pacific Flyway.  This is a travelling installation that explores the past, present and future of California’s flyway.  It will be installed at the UC Davis Design Museum in Cruess Hall at the time of Ann’s lecture, and Tuleyome members are encouraged to visit the show in person in Cruess Hall.

In her mixed media sculpture, Ann Savageau explores the intersection between the natural world and human culture.  She collects artifacts, both natural and manmade, that are evocative of specific landscapes, and uses them to make statements about those landscapes.  She is interested in the visual artist’s role as an agent in raising environmental consciousness and promoting environmental restoration.  Ann’s Stanford anthropological training, her lifelong interest in the natural world, and the many places she has lived– including Colorado, Iran, and Europe–are reflected in her art.

Ann taught at Studio Art at the University of Michigan from 1978-2002, and Design at University of California, Davis from 2003-2014.  She is Professor Emerita, and has a new career as a studio artist.  Ann has given workshops nationally and internationally, and has lectured extensively on her work.

Ann’s work has been featured in nearly 100 exhibitions and 70 publications, both nationally and internationally. Her work can be seen at:

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Starts 6:30 pm
Ends 8:00 pm
Location Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library - 315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA 95616
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