The Big Day Of Giving!

At Tuleyome we believe everyone deserves access to the outdoors.  There are now serious efforts throughout the country to take your public lands away from you and sell them off to private individuals, locking you out of the lands you love.

Become a CERE Guardian. Pledge to Conserve, Enhance and Restore your public lands and protect your freedom to Enjoy the outdoors!"


G Street Wunderbar Celebration

G Street Wunderbar, 228 G St, Davis, CA 95616
11:30 am to midnight, May 4, 2017

Tuleyome's Big Day of Giving celebration will include specialty foods and drinks all day at the G Street Wunderbar, prize drawings, photo opportunities, live-streaming videos through Facebook Live, and an evening trivia contest.  We'll have our Boot Bank there, and regional artist Obi Kauffmann, who did our CERE Guardian logo painting, will be there painting and selling some of his works.  Everyone who donates on the day will receive an exclusive CERE Guardian lapel pin to demonstrate that by donating they've pledged to Conserve, Enhance, Restore and Enjoy their wild heritage, and want to protect their freedom to enjoy the outdoors!

#BDOG2017  #CEREGuardians  #DonateToRestore

Starts 11:30 am
Ends 12:00 midnight
Location G Street Wunderbar, 228 G St, Davis, CA 95616