The Big Day Of Giving!

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The November 2016 election results indicate a continuing conservative shift in public viewpoints in the United States. Issues and policies that many of us deeply value seem to be threatened. Among these is a potentially significant change in management focus for our public lands. These lands are our American heritage, and are important to our sense of well-being and our place in history as a nation and as individuals. Their protection and stewardship should be non-partisan issues.

Together, we at Tuleyome always strive to protect and steward our public lands. We have been inclusive in our outreach and have developed a strong coalition of collaborators and supporters, including conservation organizations, sportsmen, businesses, ranchers and farmers, equestrians, off-highway vehicle and other recreational users, elected officials, public agency staff and decision-makers, and many others. Working together, Tuleyome has helped make important regional conservation stewardship gains over the past fifteen years. Now it's time to defend them.

At Tuleyome we believe everyone deserves access to the outdoors.  There are now serious efforts throughout the country to take your public lands away from you and sell them off to private individuals, locking you out of the lands you love.

Become a CERE Guardian. Pledge to Conserve, Enhance and Restore your public lands and protect your freedom to Enjoy the outdoors!"


Starts 12:00 am
Ends 11:59 pm
Location G Street Grille, 228 G St, Davis, CA 95616 (from 11:00)