Nature and You Lecture: The History of Local Mountain Wagon Roads

In the mid-1800, the Blue ridge, a 2500-foot high mountain wall, was a major travel obstacle between the Sacramento Valley, Napa Valley, and Clear Lake. How did early settlers ever get wagons roads across this barrier? It’s a story of early explorers, a little taste of Bear Flag Revolt espionage, industrious farmers and business men, mercury mines, toll-road swindlers, a forgotten high pass, and dreams of narrow-gauge railroads. This history has been largely forgotten…. until now! Marc Hoshovsky, local geologist, ecologist, photographer and historian will tell us all he has learned about this incredible piece of almost-lost local history.

This lecture will be held at the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library in Davis

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Starts 6:00 pm
Ends 8:00 pm
Location Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library - 315 East 14th Street, Davis, CA 95616
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