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Nature & You Lecture: “The Work of the Folsom Zoo”

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary differs from traditional zoos and is more like a sanctuary in the way the animals are acquired and the care they receive. Come learn about the zoo and its facility, and find out what they have coming up in the future. LIVE ANIMALS will be present at this event.

Snow Mountain Camping

Camp and explore the Snow Mountain Wilderness!

CANCELLED. Nature & You Lecture: “Local Yarns” with the Yolo Wool Mill

Sorry, this lecture has been cancelled due to the upcoming closure and sale of the wool mill.

Nature & You Lecture: “How the Yolo Habitat Conservancy Plan is Protecting Native Species”, with Petrea Marchand

Come learn about the history of the Yolo Habitat Conservancy with Petra Marchand, the truth about the controversies that delayed its growth in 2015, and what the conservancy is doing now to protect the habitats of local endangered and threatened species while also accommodating development.

Nature & You Lecture: “Oak Trees and Acorns” with the Sacramento Tree Foundation

Our existing tree canopy is aging and dying. It is our job to plant the next generation of trees. Learn all about native oak trees and how to gather and plant their acorns with the staff of the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Nature & You Lecture: “Environmental Art” with Ann Savageau

In her lecture, Ann will discuss a selection of her environmental work, including Instinct Extinct: the Great Pacific Flyway. This is a travelling installation that explores the past, present and future of California’s flyway. It will be installed at the UC Davis Design Museum in Cruess Hall at the time of Ann’s lecture, and Tuleyome members are encouraged to visit the show in person in Cruess Hall.

Nature & You Lecture: “Flood Control” with Lewis Bair

Come join Lewis Bair of Reclamation District No. 108 as he talks about the levee system and flood control in Yolo and Colusa Counties.